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May 30, 2012
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Agent Michigan

Name: *CLASSIFIED*, Answers to 'Mich' or Michigan
Age: 25
Date of Birth: Aug. 16
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Steel Blue
Race: Caucasian (White)
Gender: Male
AI Fragment: Chi
AI Gender: Female
AI Emotion: Compassion
Armor Color: Steel with Teal (Freelancer), White and Teal (Post-Freelancer)
Armor Enhancement(s): (Freelancer) Enhanced Motion Tracker, Invisibility, Radar Jammer (Stolen by the Meta), Decoy Hologram. (Post-Freelancer) Enhanced Motion Tracker, Armor Lock (Locks the major joints of the armor and diverts all power to the shields, making the user nearly invincible at the cost of mobility and the use of other armor abilities, but can be used only for a minute or two, often used as a defense against vehicles and heavy weaponry), Cloaking.
Personality: General smart-ass
Weapons of choice: Katana, Spartan Laser, Alien Spike Carbine (Brute Spiker), Modified Alien shotgun (Brute Mauler), Battle Rifle.


Agent Michigan joined the Blue Team at the age of 20, but soon gained the attention of Project: FREELANCER, and was assigned the Michigan codename. FREELANCER decided to use Michigan as a testing bed for new equipment, and as part of an experiment, decided to see how many armor enhancements could be equipped on a single Agent. (Maine would later use this as the basis of his stealing the enhancements of killed FREELANCER agents.) Afterwards, he decided to study their alien opponents, and found a fascination with their weaponry. He also learned to swordfight, and had a katana made for him from some of the alien's metal alloys. Michigan was one of the first agents attacked by the Meta/Agent Maine,  but managed to keep his AI, Chi from being stolen by uploading her into a computer, but his Radar Jammer was stolen. Agent Michigan survived this attack, and after recovering Chi, learned the truth about his attacker's identity. This caused him to distrust the program, and he left, eventually running into Agents Carolina and Washington. After he left, he destroyed his prior armor in a way that left little doubt as to his supposed fate, later getting a new, experimental suit during a raid on a Freelancer storage facility.
Here's the new bio for Agent Michigan as well as the new armor appearance.

(And yes, I'm going to get the pieces needed, and build a custom action figure of Michigan.)

EDIT: Changed Beta's name to Chi to bring her into line with information given in recent episodes. Also added an image of Mich's post-Freelancer armor (to the right in the preview image)

ANOTHER EDIT: Added new info about Mich's armor enhancments and the fate of his prior suit.
DraftFeather May 30, 2012
Nice :) I'm from Michigan, so yeah, I'm a fan of Agent Michigan xD
I really liked this :D
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